Digital and privacy rights for citizens
GDPR compliance guidelines for businesses
Infographics about privacy, personal data protection, cybersecurity and GDPR

Rights for citizens

In this section you will find information about the digital and privacy rights that assist you. 

  • Privacy rights (access, rectification, oposition, to be forgotten, erasure….)

  • How to stop spam

  • Claims and complaints

gdpr rights citizens privacy
how to stop spam privacy gdpr

GDPR Guidelines for Business

Who does the GDPR apply to
GDPR representative in the EU. Personal data protection and privacy. European Union
GDPR data protection officer (DPO). When must be appointed, role, requirements, duties and salary
International data transfers. Transfers of data outside the EU
GDPR principles of data protection
Records of processing activities under the GDPR guidelines. Article 30. Templates and examples
special categories gdpr sensitive personal data
GDPR data subject rights
GDPR data protection impact assessment DPIA. Privacy
GDPR information security requirements and controls
GDPR fines and sanctions for breaching the law
GDPR and blockchain. Issues and solutions for ensuring compliance